Western Union

WESTERN UNION/ Financial services corporate which specialized in money transfer from one country to another. The company is headquartered in the US, but makes money transactions from the whole world. The individuals deposit the money in one of the company`s brachesand the receiver can get them in another branch. The company dates back in 1851.

An American financial services company. It secures bank transfers, pay-orders and similar services. It is particularly popular among people who do not have bank accounts and need to transfer money. It started as a telegraph company in 1851.


We as an agent, in cooperation with Western Union, offer money transfer services inside and outside the country. You should be legally able to use the service. Each money transfer has a specific and unique identification code, Money Transfer Check Number or “MTCN”. Money transfers are normally done in cash, but some agents may offer, or the receiver may choose alternative ways of receiving the funds. The sender authorizes Western Union to honor the choice of the receiver, even if it differs from the payment method set by the sender.

By filling in the “Send Money” application, securing the funds to be sent, as well as the identification according to the need, and signing the application form, the sender receives the execution of the money transfer. The sender is required to inform the receiver for money transfer.

In order to receive the funds in cash, the receivers must show documented proof of their identity and give all the details for the transfer of the money asked for from the agent and Western Union, including sender name, place of origin, receiver name, the approximate amount and every other condition applied in the location of the Western Union agent, e.g. MTCN, which in some countries is mandatory in order to receive the money.