Mission and Vision

We try to provide our consumer an optimal selling service. This includes a fast delivery of products in the whole territory of Kosovo and wider. Our team keeps in touch with all our clients and informs them for the latest products in our brand. Gogaj Ag is the strongest connection between dozens of factories in Europe and wider than that. We stand in between the buyer and the producer, and offer a fast service and a variety of choices.

Our mission

  • Identifying consumers` needs in the highest level, offering them a flexibility of sources, competitive prices, on-time delivery and personalized choices for specific needs.
  • Providing them with an attentive, effective and proactive service and pay attention to each client.
  • Constantly building our capabilities and knowledge in order to fulfill several requirements of our clients.
  • Protecting our reputation as a loyal companion, oriented towards the client and as a dynamic company in market.
  • Achieving an income growth, operational and organizational perfection without compromising out values and business ethics.

Our vision

  • To be a globally known company, founded with a perfection in the organizational structure.
  • Redefining the standards of “customer service” exceeding consumers` expectations.
  • To be admired for our values and business ethics.
  • Keeping our name synonymous with loyalty, innovation, and customers` satisfaction.
  • Being “the favorite choice” for consumers, furnishers, and employees.
  • Bringing inspiration and being a model for the companies that are willing to achieve their dreams.

Quality products

GOGAJ AG provides everything needed for your house, including furniture, thermal insulation, central heating, working tools, waterproofing, white technology, home appliances, granite tiles, kitchens, lighting, decorations, colors (façade), laminate, all bathroom equipment, etc.

Currently our company represent more than 150 brands. Our products meet European standards!


One of the key points of our company’s development has been correctness, and we continue to keep it fanatically.

Fast shipping

Gogaj Ag provides a well-developed transport system to deliver products according to customer requirements!

Logistic center over 5,000 m2

GOGAJ-AG owns a logistic center with a surface area of over 5,000 m2 which offers buyers with greater comfort even more during the purchase as well as a more quality service.





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