Gogaj Ag was founded in 1991 from Mr. Isuf Cacaj. He was a very young businessman, but with a clear vision for the future of his business.

In the beginning, the company was focused in selling alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks. This activity continued until 1998 but was paused due to the war in Kosovo.

The company was totally destroyed during the war.

Seeing the great need for Kosovo to get rebuilt, the owner decided to reconstruct the company.

Also, taking into consideration the big market inquiries in the field of construction, our company focused on importing and selling several items, continually expanding our brand and assortment in Kosovo with items from the European market.

Now this company is elite in the whole market in Kosovo ad has more than 150 full-time employees and a considerable number of other seasonal employees.

As a leading company that offers all housing products, includes: 45,000 items, 3000 square meter retailing store in the center of Deçan, 5000 square meter warehouse (logistics).

It distributes 48 regional and European brands, it has 180 international partners, over 840 local partners, and covers the whole territory of Kosovo.

The vision of this Kosovar company is: to be in costumers` service quickly and precisely, with quality products and convenient prices.